Coatresa launches a new website for its own range of non-stick coatings Testrong ®

Last September Coatresa globally presented Testrong® coatings during the IBA Fair in Munich. In parallel we have developed a new website http://www.testrongcoatings.com/where you will find detailed information on its properties and benefits for bakery industry. Over 29 years offering advanced nonstick coating solutions for bakery industry and thanks to research and innovation of its R&D Department, Coatresa launches the next generation of coatings under the brand Testrong ® along with a new website. Testrong® is a range of non-stick coatings of the latest technology with multiple benefits for bakery manufacturers: cost savings, higher performance, product quality, etc. Besides offering Testrong® quality coatings to the bakery world, Coatresa provides bakers with any other services that complete a comprehensive service: bakeware design and manufacture, bakeware maintenance and refurbishment and consulting and technical support. COATRESA counts on a qualified network of licensed applicators around the world to offer the best service guaranteeing quality and a precise application, which you can access through this new website. All companies that belong to the Testrong® applicator network have been evaluated and trained to offer exclusively Testrong® non-stick coatings.