Generic properties

Non-stick coatings

Our coatings' non-stick properties allow better releasing and cleaning processes, offer fluid movement, increase productivity, minimize waste, reduce costs, etc.
Low coefficient of friction
Low coefficient of friction, which ranges from values of 0.05 to 0.20, smoothes slide movements, allows higher energetic efficiency and reduces maintenance time.
   Corrosion resistance
Our range of technical coatings highly resistant to corrosion is not affected by most of chemical agents being exposed to high temperatures of up to 250ºC.
  High thermal resistance
The wide range of work temperatures of our diverse industrial coatings is found between -180ºC and 290ºC, reaching peaks of up to 315ºC.

  Dielectrical properties
Our fluoropolymers have a high superficial resistivity and, by means of specific techniques, they can be transformed into antistatic coatings.

  Hydrophoby and oleophoby
Hydrophobic and oleophobic properties make parts coated with Teflon®- like non-stick products easy to clean and even self-cleaning.