Coatings for bakery industry 

After a long experience in the food sector and thanks to the permanent contact with product manufacturers, we offer Testrong® systems, specific technical coatings, to the bakery industry. Moreover, COATRESA expands business and provides bakers with the possibility to also manufacture moulds and trays on demand.

Benefits of our coatings:

  • Elimination of release agents (grease, oils, etc.)
  • Reduction of rejects because of dough adherence to mould
  • Anticorrosive protection of the mould in dough fermentation areas
  • Elimination of cleaning time
  • Optimization of dough transport/dosage
  • Reduction of maintenance of automatic lines
Application examples:

  • Moulds and trays for bread and baked goods
  • Perforated and fluted aluminium trays
  • Stainless wire mesh trays
  • Deep drawn trays

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