Teflon Coatings and Other Materials for Baking and Pastry Industries

COATRESA, which applies Teflon coatings and other nonstick and corrosion resistant materials, is a member of AMEC - the Spanish Association...


Cardboard, Pencils and Teflon Can Generate Electricity

Is it possible to generate power using a simple cardboard, a pencil and Teflon? A student from the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne...


COATRESA Celebrates Family Day 2016

At COATRESA we celebrated our first COATRESA Family Day in our Barcelona facilities for non-stick coatings last Sunday 12th June 2016.


Merger between Non-stick Coating Leaders DuPont and Dow Chemical Company

Teflon® creator DuPont (Coatresa is DuPont’s “Licensed Industrial Applicator” for Spain) and Xiameter ® and Dow Corning manufacturer Dow Chemical...