Food & Beverage Processing Machinery Meeting in Chicago

Food & Beverage Processing Machinery Meeting in Chicago

Chicago will hold a new ProFood Tech Tradeshow Edition between 4th and 6th April. The event will bring together worldwide professionals in this sector, such as Amec Alimentec. This is an association gathering food machinery professionals, including Coatresa, specialist in nonstick and anticorrosive Teflon® coatings used in various sectors, including this one.

ProFood Tech is a biennial event showing the latest innovations and the latest technology developed for the food industry. Moreover, recognised professionals in the industry will offer lectures on latest innovations regarding investigation, trends and consumer best practices in engineering and food processing.

Purpose of Amec Alimentec for the tradeshow

Amec Alimentec main objective at Chicago's ProFood Tech, and at the rest of international trade fairs held throughout the year, is to act as an agent for machinery manufacturers providing food industry with services and technology.

This association also boosts internationalisation helping members with negotiations and promotion of innovation, and building relationships and visibility for Spanish companies devoted to the design of technology for the food industry.

COATRESA, besides applying nonstick coatings to moulds and trays for industrial bakery, also treats the surface of dough hoppers and kneading propellers, stirrers and tanks, or blades and rollers, as part of food industry machinery.

For further information about Teflon® coatings applied by COATRESA for food industry machinery, you can check the following link: https://www.coatresa.com/en/137219/Sectors/Food-industry-machinery-.htm