Coatings range marketed by ILAG, with different versions depending on the type of fluoropolymer that contains:

-    Ilaflon® Professional R-600, the unique properties of PFA and the ceramic reinforcement in the two-layer structure ensure a long life for this product mainly used for coating tools employed in the baking industry.
-    Ilaflon® Professional R-500, this system combines the active properties of Ilaflon® Resist R with the unique non-stick properties of FEP. The bilayer ceramic reinforcement ensures its life.
-    Ilaflon® Triplus, unique triple ceramic coating PTFE reinforced and with excellent release properties (high abrasion resistance and good stain resistance).
-    Ilaflon® Resist R Plus, a universal system with PTFE-based solvents that is primarily used for baking. It is high chemical and stain resistant, with excellent non-stick properties, even when used continuously.
-    Ilaflon® Select R-500, universal FEP basecoat with a single layer system.
-     Ilaflon® Select SP-700, excellent silicone coating for use in production through industrial ovens.
-    Ilaflon® Resist S-100, especially recommended system for the production of sweet cakes and all kinds. It has excellent non-stick properties and a high gloss and completely safe finishing when introduced in a dishwasher.