Fluoropolymer range marketed by Daikin and made up of six different coating series:

-    Neoflon ™ PFA, AP-Series --> Perfluoro-polymer consisting of carbon and fluorine atoms without any hydrogen atom. It responds effectively to both high and low temperatures and has excellent transparency and mechanical resistance. It is shapeable.
-    Neoflon ™ FEP, NP-Series --> Melt-processable perfluoro-copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene. It has excellent electrical properties although its resistance to heat is lower.
-    Neoflon ™ PCTFE, M-Series --> It offers the best performance for gas barriers and has a low permeability to moisture and vapour atmosphere. Heat and chemical resistance are lower than in previous series, but mechanical characteristics (especially the hardness) are superior.
-    Neoflon ™ CPT, LP-Series --> This is a new fluoropolymer type that has excellent barrier properties for all kinds of organic solvents and volatile acids. It is designed to adhere to other plastics and is suitable for extrusion in multilayer tubes or films.
-    Neoflon ™ ETFE, EP-Series --> Copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and ethylene having the lowest specific gravity of all fluoropolymers. It has excellent features regarding melt processability and unusual electrical and chemical properties. It is suitable for applications requiring mechanical strength, chemical resistance, heat resistance and electrical properties.
-    Neoflon ™ EFEP, RP-Series --> New fluoropolymer that easily adheres to other materials. Moreover, it has the same chemical resistance than other types of fluoropolymers. It is also more transparent than conventional fluoropolymers.