ILAG owns the patent for this nonstick coating with several versions:

-    Durit® Protect Pro, three-layer non-stick coating with ceramic reinforcement, a good scratch and abrasion resistance. Suitable for use in high-level cookware. It is highly durable and highly resistant to corrosion.
-    Durit® Resist, three-layer non-stick coating with a high performance and a high degree of ceramic reinforcement. It has excellent durability and excellent resistance to abrasion and corrosion, making it the best choice for cooks and professional chefs.
-    Durit® Resist Pro, unique four-layer nonstick coating meets all requirements of a professional cook. It is reinforced with ceramic material; it is very durable and does not suffer any performance degradation, and it is highly resistant to scratching and corrosion.
-    Durit® Resist 3D, three-layer highly performant non-stick coating and highly reinforced with ceramic particles. Its high resistance to abrasion, a greater non-stick characteristic and exceptional corrosion resistance make this system the best choice for demanding cooks and professional chefs. The 3D effect gives a special touch to this coating.
-    Durit® Select Pro, three-layer non-stick coating reinforced with ceramic material. It is highly resistant to scratching.
-    Durit® Dynamic, three-layer nonstick system slightly reinforced with ceramics. Long-lasting, it is suitable for everyday use.
-    Durit® Color, PTFE two-layer system designed for outdoor use and excellent adhesion to aluminium substrate. Main features are non-stick effect, excellent cleaning feature and oil resistance. It is also available in plain and metallic-effect colours.