Nonstick coating range marketed by Solvay and primary formed by two types:

-    Hyflon® AD, a particular amorphous perfluoropolymer for applications and semiconductor membranes with high-temperature stability, good chemical resistance, excellent hydrophobicity, very low surface energy, constant low dielectric, high gas permeability, and with outstanding optical properties.  Hyflon® AD is used in the production of follicles for electronics (microlithography) and is suitable for conducting membranes in gas separation.

-    Hyflon® PFA & MFA®, fully fluorinated semicrystalline fluoropolymers and melt processable. They have the highest thermal properties and exhibit the highest chemical resistance of all commercial fluoropolymers, as they can be processed in the melt. They are available in granules, powders and dispersions. They also provide a unique set of properties to be able to meet extreme performance: resistance at very low temperatures, inherent flame resistance, chemical inertness, low surface energy, exceptional dielectric properties and excellent mechanical properties.