70th Anniversary of Rilsan® Non-Stick Coating

70th Anniversary of Rilsan® Non-Stick Coating

Rilsan®, a non-stick coating marketed by Arkema, celebrates its first patent 70th anniversary. Coatresa maintains permanent contact with Arkema to keep abreast of new application technologies.

Under the motto "A proven legacy. An exciting future", the celebration will be marked by a series of events specially designed to involve clients from all over the world. During these events, Arkema will present Rilsan® spectacular history and the exciting future for one of the most famous families of functional polymers in the world.

According to Kevin Hanrahan, Technical Polymers' chief marketing officer, "polyamide 11 (commercially known as Rilsan) is now known to be a polymer with one of the highest performances in the world." Therefore, the brand is now directly associated with differentiated performance, which also includes 100 % biological components.

However, it should not be forgotten that Rilsan's origins are humble and that its first patent came from Organico, a small French firm in charge of its early commercialisation under challenging times but quickly gained recognition in specialised applications.

Today, and after 70 years of experience, the brand is more than ready to face the challenges of tomorrow, including lightweight metal replacement for the automotive industry, 3D printing and polyamide 11 sports equipment manufacturing.