Merger between Non-stick Coating Leaders DuPont and Dow Chemical Company

Merger between Non-stick Coating Leaders DuPont and Dow Chemical Company

Teflon® creator DuPont (Coatresa is DuPont’s “Licensed Industrial Applicator” for Spain) and Xiameter ® and Dow Corning manufacturer Dow Chemical Company announced their merger.

The new company, named DowDupont, is called to play one of the leading roles in the chemical sector. Furthermore, it will host three sub-companies specialized in agriculture, materials and specialty products sectors.

Three companies in one

Agriculture Company aims to become a worldwide leader with an annual turnover of $19 million.

On the other hand, Material Science Company, consisting of DuPont’s Performance Materials and Dow’s Performance Plastics, Performance Materials and Chemicals, Infrastructure Solutions, and Consumer Solutions, will generate revenue of $51 million.

Finally, the so-called Specialty Products Company will be devoted to unique businesses although sharing similar investment and specialty markets. Current DuPont’s Nutrition and Health, Industrial Biosciences, Safety & Protection, Electronics & Communication, and Dow’s Electronic Materials will offer special deals under a single name and with an annual turnover of $13 million.

Dual headquarters

DowDupont will have dual headquarters: one located at Midland (Michigan) and the other one at Wilmington (Delaware). Dow and DuPont current CEOs will manage them, becoming Executive President and Managing Director respectively.

Final merger transaction is scheduled for the second semester of 2016, and the three companies are to be active one year and a half or two years after the merger. 

For further information about Teflon ® and other non-stick coatings, check the following link: http://www.coatresa.com/en/137191/Coatings.htm