Teflon Coatings and Other Materials for Baking and Pastry Industries

Teflon Coatings and Other Materials for Baking and Pastry Industries

COATRESA, which applies Teflon coatings and other nonstick and corrosion resistant materials, is a member of AMEC - the Spanish Association of machinery, ovens and equipment for bakery and pastry manufacturers.

Nowadays, bakery sector must adapt to constant changes in consumer habits, which encourages the creation of a full technological offer specially designed to meet customers' needs.

Production efficiency and food security - among other things - are crucial indeed for such AMEC members, like COATRESA, which develops high-quality technology solutions and equipment to match this sector trends.

Testrong® coating systems by Coatresa

Testrong® systems are industrial coatings used in food industry and, especially, in bakery and pastry sectors. Testrong® is known worldwide for providing its customers with safety and confidence. In addition, all Testrong® coatings are certified for food contact and have passed additional tests developed by external laboratories.

These coating systems apply to all kinds of trays and moulds.

Moreover, the use of Testrong®-coated bakeware brings some benefits listed below:

1.    It is not necessary to use oils or other release agents for an efficient depanning.
2.    Wastages by adherence to the mould decrease.
3.    Testrong® acts as a corrosion protection for the mould in those areas where proofing reacts more aggressively.
4.    Using a Testrong® coating means optimizing both dough transport and dosage.
5.    One consequence of its use is the reduction of maintenance of automatic lines.

For further information on Coatresa's Testrong® systems and other Teflon coatings, you can check the following link: https://www.interempresas.net/Flipbooks/AM/1/