ISO 9001 Certification Renewed for Coatresa

Coatresa has kept a quality management system by TÜV Rheinland since 2004; the latest being the fifth consecutive renovation.

ISO certification comprises all our procedures for nonstick coatings, including Teflon painting or antifriction and anticorrosive treatments, on any kind of substrate, mainly metallic parts coated with Teflon.

Moreover, Coatresa as a paint applicator of Teflon and other fluoropolymers since 1983, is homologated by the most important manufacturers of PTFE-based coated.

Coatresa is homologated by:

•    Chemours Licensed Industrial Applicator (LIA), Certification for Teflon® industrial coatings


•    Whitford Quality Approved Coater (QAC), Certification for Xylan® coatings


•    SermaGard (OSL), Certification for SermaGard® coatings


•    Victrex (PCN), Certification for Victrex® coatings


Coatresa, together with its R+D department, keeps searching new nonstick products to meet the needs of different industrial sectors.