Chemours, New Plant for Teflon® Coatings in China

Chemours, New Plant for Teflon® Coatings in China

DuPont subsidiary company, Chemours, specialist in manufacturing Teflon coatings and present in the global market for titanium and other chemical solutions, will set up a new facility in Changshu, China.

The new 15 million dollar plant will be a cutting-edge centre for manufacturing Teflon® coatings. Consequently, Chemours will be able to quickly enter the Chinese market and elsewhere in Asia.

The new plant will also include a research and development centre, as well as a laboratory for technical assistance based in Shanghai, which opened its doors earlier this year.

Coatresa is DuPont’s Licensed Industrial Applicator (LIA) in Spain for Teflon® coatings characterised by their non-stick and anticorrosive features, and that are used in many sectors.

For further information about Teflon® coatings used by COATRESA, you can check the following link: http://www.coatresa.com/en/137196/Coatings/DuPont.htm