Lirpa coatings

Silicone and resin coatings

Lirpa Silicones S.L. was founded in 1984 and became a Coatresa Group company in 2001. It offers a complementary service to the non-stick fluoropolymer coatings for the bakeware provided by Coatresa, as well as silicone coatings. It is based in Barcelona, close to the Group’s headquarters.

Silicone and resin coatings

lirpa recubrimientos de silicona y resina

Lirpa specialises in the application of silicone and resin coatings for bakeware as it has a wide range of silicone elastomers and resins adapted to all types of doughs, whether finished, precooked or frozen, corresponding to the wide range of Testrong® silicone-based coatings.

Maintenance and repair of baking tins and accessories

lirpa: mantenimiento y reparación de moldes de panificación

Thanks to its wide experience in the large and small bakery sector and its production capacity and modern technology, unique in the market, Lirpa also provides maintenance and repair services for all types of baking trays, utensils, carts and accessories for the bakery and pastry industry. Lirpa has exclusive unique machinery that does not harm the environment (solvent-free) and this, together with its short delivery times, makes it a leader in its sector.