Retansa Coat's showroom

Retansa Coat's showroom

As a sample of the projects RETANSA COAT can handle, their Production Team has been putting together throughout the last few years a token of their most representative work. As expert applicators of PTFE based coatings, they own a great showroom of coated pieces sorted by sector.

At RETANSA COAT’s Showroom we can find various pieces coated with the finest raw materials from the best valued manufacturers worldwide. Not only Teflon® provides multiple solutions thanks to the different versions of a product we can find in automotive pieces such as gears, hardware or anchoring systems, but also other antiadherent or anticorrosive technical coatings like Xylan®, Scotchkote™ or Rilsan® can become the best ally when searching for a solution for agricultural tools, handles and railing or disc valves. Alternatively, we can always trust Halar® with versions for corrosion protection or FDA guaranteed, suitable and safe for human consumption water treatment plants.

showroom de antiadherentes
showroom de recubrimientos antiadherentes

Custom made projects

As part of COATRESA Grup, the Basque Country division has progressively specialized and differentiate within the kitchenware market, with environmentally friendly coatings, PFOA free and with water-base solvents. Moreover, kitchenware is not the only specialty at RETANSA COAT, they are also a referent within the valve and automotive sector, thanks to their automated application of industrial technical coatings and with the help of continuous ovens that can guarantee a great production capacity.

More often than not, we find ourselves working under personalized requirements that demand all our attention and customized solutions for each project. No matter if we speak about small elements we treat with anticorrosion coatings, industrial pieces and tins that require the best antiadherent coating, or the largest pieces for wind energy machinery or other renewal energy sectors, RETANSA COAT demonstrates with their Showroom that they are capable of facing any project, considering all the requirements our customers bring our way.