Tefzel coating

recubrimientos Dupont Chemours Tefzel

Tefzel ™ coating

The coating Tefzel™ is a modified ETFE (ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene) fluoroplastic available as pellets or as a rotational moulding powder. It is a thermoplastic that combines superior mechanical toughness with exceptional chemical resistance that approximates that of fluoroplastic resins Teflon™.

Tefzel™ features easy processability, 1.7 specific gravity and high energy radiation resistance. Most grades are qualified for continuous exposure at 150 °C (302 °F). Tefzel™ ETFE fluoroplastic resins are processed using conventional fusion extrusion techniques and injection, compression, transfer, rotation and blow moulding processes.

Properties of the TEFZEL™ coating

ETFE also combines the property of electrical insulation with good non-stick and low coefficient of friction. Among the many references that make up the brand Tefzel there are some that comply with FDA regulations for food contact.

One of the main advantages versus other coatings with similar characteristics is the possibility of applying it on the cold substrate and at different thicknesses, ranging from 250 microns to 1300 microns, with the "Spray & Bake" technique, which consists of applying multiple layers aerographically sprayed and then baked. Using this technique, a resistant film is obtained and free of porosities, thus providing this way an unbeatable resistance to chemical environments.

  • Low friction coefficient
  • Easy to process
  • Electrical insulator
  • Radiation resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Application on cold substrate

Tefzel ™ references

ETFE 699-205
ETFE 699N-129
ETFE 532-6305
ETFE 532-6405
ETFE 532-6118

ETFE 532-6210
ETFE 532-6310
ETFE 532-6314
ETFE 532-6412
ETFE 532-6410