Bechem coatings

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Bechem coatings

Carl Bechem founded the first oil company in Germany in 1834 and it then became the leading industrial lubricant manufacturer in the country. The first railway line began operating in 1835 and was soon converted into an important client of Bechem. In the 20th century Bechem coatings were widely used in airship engines and later as excellent gear steps.

At the end of the 20th century Bechem supplied lubricants for nozzles in the aerospace industry and in 2011, the firm won the German prize for efficiency for developing Berufluid®, a water-based, viscous, mineral-free coolant lubricant..

Bechem currently operates in 70 countries and has 500 employees throughout the world. It is a pioneer in water-based lubricant systems and phosphate-free coating systems which makes it a leader in lubrication technology.

Bechem products

The Bechem product range includes greases, oils, lubricants for machining and metal stamping, cleaning and anti-corrosion products and coatings with a low friction coefficient that are used in many sectors such as the automotive, railway, mining, chemical, electronic, mechanical engineering and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

Berufluid® is the brand used to market its water-based, oil-free lubricant range.
Beruforge® 150 is the alternative to semi-elaborated metal and phosphate-coated products. The lubricants used for machining and metal stamping do not harm the environment and are energy-efficient.

Bechem also supplies products for cleaning and protecting metals with excellent emulsion technology.

The brand Berucoat used to market coatings based on micro-encapsulation technology with a low friction coefficient, with coating systems that are far superior to the traditional MoS2 anti-friction coatings.