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ILAG coatings

The Swiss company Industrielack AG (Ilag) is one of the leaders in the sector (the second in Europe and fourth worldwide) in the development and production of high performance non-stick coatings for the bakeware, baking tins and trays, small household appliances and kitchenware, food processing, transport and other industrial sectors.

ILAG products

Many of its coatings are used in the industrial bakery sector. The most important are listed below.

In 1976 Ilag developed its solvent-based silicone coatings brand for baking tins, Ilaflon®. There are two versions: Select and Resist.

  • Ilaflon® Select is a silicone-based system that is ideal for all bakery and cake products, especially those containing sweet doughs. It also has very good chemical resistance and is therefore appropriate for industrial use. It is normally applied as a single layer system and comes in different colours.
  • Ilaflon® Resist is a PES/PTFE system that offers high corrosion resistance and is ideal for heavy-duty industrial tins and trays. It is applied as a bilayer system.

In 1987 it developed a coating in which the main novelty was the inclusion of titanium in plasma form into the substrate to reinforce the coating, which is marketed with the name Durit®.

  • Durit® Resist is a water-based trilayer PFA/PTFE system that uses ceramic reinforcement technology. It is widely used in the industrial bakery sector.

Corflon® is the brand used to market the Swiss firm’s water-based PTFE dispersion system and is used in particular in the bakery industry. These are bilayer systems with excellent non-stick properties and high corrosion resistance.

As an example of a ceramic coating for the bakery industry we have Ceralon®, which is based on sol-gel technology. Ilag markets them above all for the production of hamburger buns and other rolls. The benefits of this coating is the surface hardness and low curing temperature, thus preventing the deformation of the trays due to the high curing temperatures used in other coating systems.

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