DOW coatings

recubrimientos DOW

DOW coatings

Dow is a key U.S. company in the development of technological innovation, providing sustainable solutions that bring value from biological, chemical and polymer sciences to respond to challenges such as the generation and conservation of renewable energy. An industry leader in specialty chemicals, advanced materials, and plastics, it offers a broad range of technology-driven products and solutions to customers in 180 countries in high-growth sectors such as packaging, coatings, and energy efficiency.

DOW products

DOW has extensive technical experience in coating science, seeking innovative solutions that improve performance, durability, aesthetics and sustainability. Having a broad portfolio of materials, they offer the right solution for specific needs and applications in industrial coatings:

  • Waterborne acrylics and solvents for industrial finishing and maintenance
  • Technical solutions for sound damping
  • Silicone resin technology for ease of use
  • Additives to enhance surface properties
  • Solvents with different evaporation rates
  • Coalescents and co-solvents for water-based industrial applications

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