recubrimientos Bechem Berucoat

Berucoat ® coating

Berucoat® is the brand used by Bechem to market its anti-friction coatings. These are dry lubricants, similar to industrial lacquers and the majority are made up of molybdenum disulphide, graphite and PTFE.

Berucoat ® coating properties and application

recubrimiento con bajo coeficiente de fricción

The Berucoat® micro-encapsulation technology is superior to the traditional MoS2 anti-friction coatings. Bechem is the first company to mass-produce this anti-friction coating.

This coating is applied by spraying and immersion on previously-greased surfaces, but it can be applied using other techniques.

Parts that require this type of treatment are nuts, springs, washers, handles, guides, screws, gears, etc. This type of lubricant is mainly used in the automotive sector.