Coatings for the packaging industry

recubrimientos antiadherentes para el sector del embalaje

Coatings for the packaging sector

Packaging is an essential part of industry, and may sometimes weigh more than the product itself. For this reason, COATRESA provides solutions to optimise the production of these products and contribute to the success of end product suppliers. Through the application of fluorinated products with high thermal resistance and non-stick properties such as FEP, PTFE or PFA we can help you cut costs in producing thermoformed plates, hoppers and vacuum hoods, welding lips and sonotrodes, blades, chains, bands, ramps, rails, sealing plates and thermosealing or welding appliances.

Depending on the part, the client requires specific characteristics for its 
optimum operation:

recubrimiento antiadherente
The production of plastic packaging requires the use of thermoforming plates. Thermosealing processes benefit from the coatings that COATRESA offers to this sector, guaranteeing excellent non stick properties.
recubrimiento con alta resistencia térmica

Thermoforming requires high thermal and abrasion resistance which is necessary to process these products, such as PE, PU, rubber, etc.

recubrimiento con bajo coeficiente de fricción
Paper, cardboard or tetrabrik® (Tetra Pak®) packaging is obtained by die-cutting the material and applying adhesive to give it the desired shape. Traces of glue or hotmelt and the remains of die-cut parts build up on conveyor belts and tools, and manufacturers waste a lot of time maintaining and cleaning, which leads to lower productivity. COATRESA provides non-stick coatings with a low friction coefficient that favour the sliding of the material, preventing residue from building up during the process and facilitating cleaning operations.

Main benefits of coatings for the packaging sector

beneficios de los recubrimientos antiadherentes y anticorrosivos industriales
  • Reduction in production times
  • Improved thermosealing quality
  • Optimisation of packaging sealing
  • Elimination of product loss due to adherence
  • Less time needed for cleaning thanks to the non-stick surfaces
  • Less maintenance due to stoppages or having to change parts with residue
  • Improved sliding of parts during the production process
  • Higher productivity of the machine due to less resistance to friction

Some of our work in the packaging sector

All non stick coatings for this sector used by consumers are certified for contact with food based on current legislation (FDA 21 CFR 175.300, Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 and Regulation (EU) 10/2011)