Non stick coatings for the baking industry

recubrimiento antiadherente panificación

Coatings for bakeries

COATRESA has more than 35 years’ experience in applying industrial bakeware coatings and was responsible for introducing Teflon into the Spanish sector in the 1980s. COATRESA’s R&D department studies, analyses and advises bakeries on the best coatings for their products, thereby optimising their productivity. Bakeries can benefit from our wide range of Testrong® non-stick bakeware coatings, which guarantee success and offer a response to the constant changes applied by the bakeries to the end product:

  • Modifications in the product dough and formulation changes.
  • Changes in the production process, such as alterations in line speeds, modification of baking temperatures, etc.
testrong coatings para panificación

The Testrong® technology is normally used to make:

recubrimientos antiadherentes moldes bandejas panificación
recubrimiento antiadherente pan de molde

Loaf bread

The dough used to make loaf bread includes different types of bread: white, wholegrain, seeded, crustless, etc. After studying the characteristics of each product, COATRESA selects the Testrong® coating that best adapts to each one.

recubrimiento antiadherente para bollería salada

Savoury pastry products

bandeja antiadherente para bollería salada

Testrong® has different non-stick coating systems adapted to different bakery products: hamburger and hot dog bunsseeded bunsbuns and rolls with special flavours, etc.

recubrimiento antiadherente pan congelado

Frozen bread

COATRESA is well aware that trays for baguettes and pre-frozen and frozen products or par baked bread must withstand extremely high temperatures and sudden changes from hot to cold during the production process.

bandeja antiadherente para pan congelado
recubrimientos antiadherentes pan tostado

Toasted bread

moldes antiadherentes pan tostado

Due to their production process and characteristics, products such as toasted breadwhite or wholegrain bread or seeded breadcroutonsgrissini, etc. require coatings that can withstand high temperatures and abrasion, and so COATRESA selects the most appropriate Testrong® coating for each case, after analysing all the variables.

recubrimientos antiadherentes para bollería


Pastry products such as croissantsmilk breadsweet rollssnail-shaped pastries, etc. are very demanding in terms of the coating performance, as their high sugar content requires excellent sealing and non-stick properties.

bandeja antiadherente para bollería
recubrimientos antiadherentes pastelería


molde antiadherente para pastelería

Like pastry, liquid doughs used to make sponge cakes, sweet yeast breadmuffinsrum cakes, etc. require special coatings, and Testrong® has different types of coating, depending on their characteristics.