recubrimientos Whitford Xylan

Xylan ® coating

Xylan® is the leading Whitford industrial coatings brand and includes its range of low friction coefficient non stick fluoropolymers and resins.

Properties and benefits of Xylan ®

Its main function is dry lubrication, but it has many other beneficial properties. These lubricants are combined with next-generation organic polymers at high temperatures, resulting in plastic allows that offer unique properties. This means that the Xylan ® coating can work under heavy leads, at high temperatures and in chemical and corrosive environments.

Xylan® coating can be applied to conventional systems or reinforced ones with one or more layers. Broadly speaking, its main properties are:

  • low friction coefficient
  • resistance to wear
  • resistance to corrosion and chemical agents in most environments
  • resistance to direct sunlight and sea water
  • temperature ranges between -250°C and 285°C
  • wide range of colours
  • great flexibility
  • good machining properties
  • curing programme
  • excellent adherence to most substrates

The fluoropolymers used in the Xylan® coatings are PTFEPFA and FEP. Depending on the composition, its performance can be adapted to different uses and sectors, such as kitchenware, industrial bakeware, automotive and even oil and gas industries.