Testrong coatings

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Testrong coatings: bakeware coatings

COATRESA has always promoted continuous investment in R&D. Testrong® was first produced in our R&D department after 30 years’ experience in the non stick coatings for the bakery industry.

The Testrong® systems, based on fluoropolymers (PTFE, PFA, MFA, FEP, etc.) and silicones, respond to the needs of bakeries. Testrong® is a next-generation non-stick coating range designed as a result of combining and applying the best products available on the market to offer and provide a high performance quality coating for the bakery industry and help reduce costs thanks to its high durability. Thanks to our ongoing research and close cooperation with the major global raw material manufacturers, Testrong® is in constant evolution in order to provide the best possible service to bakeries.

Our wide range of Testrong® coatings eliminates the use of oils and/or release agents in production lines.

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Benefits of Testrong Coatings

The Testrong Coating systems offer multiple benefits to bread and pastry manufacturers:

Cost savings

  • Elimination of oils and release agents
  • Reduction in cleaning and maintenance costs during production

Improved performance

  • Optimum product release
  • Reduction in losses
  • Improved productivity and product quality

Higher quality of the end product

  • Lengthens the shelf life of bread
  • Improved product appearance: smooth, even crust with no incrustations
  • Even texture of the bread and consistency of the end product
  • Has no effect on the end product flavour