Molydag coating

recubrimiento Acheson Molydag

Molydag ® coating

Molydag® is a series of products from the manufacturer Acheson, which are characterised by their resin based lubricating properties. These products are engineered to provide a dry lubrication film for a wide variety of industrial, consumer and military applications.

One of the main properties of the Molydag® range is the application on components that are inaccessible after assembly, but nevertheless must continue to operate reliably at the lubrication level. In addition, these coatings provide effective performance, even with a very thin film of only 8 microns, so there is no interference with the mechanical tolerances of the lubricated components.

Properties and Benefits of Molydag® Coating

Molydag® products can be applied with different techniques, by brush, immersion and centrifugation, or by aerographic contribution. Typical applications:

  • Construction equipment
  • Cold start machinery
  • Commercial machines
  • Threaded connections
  • Parts of jet engines
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Components of carpentry equipment
  • Mechanisms of safety belts in aeronautics
  • Mining equipment
  • High tension nuts and bolts
  • Safety equipment

The main advantages of Molydag® products are:

  • Good adhesion to metals
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Good service life (abrasion and friction resistance)
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Resistance to many chemicals and solvents. (See chemical resistance requirements MIL-L-8937-D)

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