Recubrimientos Arkema Rilsan

Rilsan ® coating

Rilsan® is a high performance polyamide polymer that provides great hardness, flexibility and high chemical and permeation resistance.

Arkema is a leading supplier of polymers based on recyclable and biological material. For more than 70 years, Arkema has manufactured polymers and monomers derived from castor oil and is known for its amines 11 and polyamide 11 product range (PA 11) Rilsan®.

Properties and benefits of Rilsan® coating

It is extremely lightweight, with a density of only 1.03 g/m3, lower than other polyamides, POM, PPS and PVDF.

recubrimiento resistente a la corrosión

Its high chemical resistance, not only to grease and hydrocarbons, but also to acids and salts, is excellent in extreme applications in which the polymer is exposed to high temperatures and pressures.

recubrimiento con flexibilidad

In comparison with other polyamides and materials, Rilsan® has greater flexibility, which is possible thanks to its plasticising agents and glass/carbon fibre microspheres.

recubrimiento hidrofóbico y oleofóbico

PA11 is the polyamide with the best hydrophilic properties thanks to its greater frequency of amine groups in the polymer chain. For this reason, Rilsan® gives excellent results in extremely humid environments and where other polar liquids such as alcohol, acids and esters are absorbed.

anticorrosivo con gran resistencia

Rilsan® practically doubles the shock resistance of PA12, as it is particularly hard and elastic at low temperatures. Its hardness is due to its spherulitic structure, molecular weight and polydispersion.

recubrimiento con bajo coeficiente de fricción

Another important benefit of Rilsan® is its high abrasion resistance thanks to its smooth finish, which has an extremely low friction coefficient.