Technical coatings

Technical coating suppliers

Through its Technical and R&D Department, Coatresa maintains permanent contact with technical and non-stick coating manufacturers, including the raw materials suppliers 3M, Acheson, Arkema, Bechem, Chemours (which acquired DuPont), Daikin, Dow Corning, Fuchs, Hempel, Ilag, Klüber, Solvay, Vicote, Weilburger, Whitford, etc. and keeps abreast of all new market developments applicable to all types of industries.

We work with the main technical coating suppliers:

We work with our suppliers to offer our clients the best solution for their production processes in our laboratory, equipped with next-generation equipment and in our exclusive robotised facilities, thereby permitting high precision in consumption and uniformity in the final coating. In more complex parts, manual spraying techniques are carried out by highly qualified staff with many years of experience, followed by an exhaustive quality control process. We are certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, and for this reason, quality is an essential part of our DNA.

Comprehensive service


As a leader in its market, Coatresa keeps abreast of new coating and application technologies such as sol-gel or ceramic, silicones, fluoropolymers, elastomers, etc., to provide our clients with the most advanced and efficient solutions in the market. We work incessantly to optimise the technical characteristics of well-known brands like Teflon®, Xylan®, Molykote®, Halar®, Rilsan®, Neoflon®, Greblon®, Ilaflon®, etc., with the aim of providing a comprehensive service to sectors as demanding as the food, chemical, petrochemical and automotive sectors, among others.