Interpon Redox®


Interpon Redox ®

Interpon Redox® coatings are multilayer powder coating systems with excellent properties that protect against corrosion. In addition, these coatings have a very low carbon footprint compared to liquid paints.

These coatings have many advantages as they have a low fire risk, allow for easy disposal of waste and improve productivity. Interpon Redox® coatings are eco-friendly as they contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), reduce costs and are highly durable.

Coatresa applies two types of powder coatings: Interpon Redox PZ® and Interpon Redox Triplex®.

Interpon Redox PZ®

Interpon Redox PZ® is a primer with a barrier effect which is used mainly on galvanised steel and in adverse environments. In accordance with the Qualisteelcoat certification, it is a double layer system with high durability in environmental conditions of up to C5-L. The main benefits are long-term cathodic protection and high corrosion protection. It also has a more attractive finish than other metallised zinc coating systems.

Interpon Redox Triplex®

Interpon Redox Triplex® is a triple layer system with benefits in terms of both cathodic protection and a reinforced barrier. It is a combination of the Interpon Redox PZ and Interpon Redox Plus coatings to obtain the finish that is most appropriate for your company. It is particularly appropriate in environments with high humidity and salinity and contains no volatile organic compounds or solvents.

In accordance with the ISO 12944 durability ranges, Interpon Redox Triplex has a high durability of between 15 and 25 years, up to C5-H.

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