Quality policy

The Management of COATRESA GROUP, by its own conviction, maintains a process of constant evolution, development, and improvement of the company under the parameters of Quality, Efficiency, and Customer Satisfaction, which are essential nowadays for the viability of the Organization. These parameters define the following Quality Policy, which is intended as a framework for the Company to evolve:

  • Continuous improvement of the organization and its processes
    COATRESA GROUP is in a state of constant innovation, development, and improvement of its organizational and productive systems in order to achieve maximum efficiency from its human and material resources.
  • Client satisfaction in their needs and requirements
    COATRESA GROUP intends to obtain the total confidence and satisfaction of its customers, and to maintain and increase it over time, through compliance with its requirements and expectations, as well as legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Teamwork and human development
    COATRESA GROUP must ensure that the growth of the company also contributes to material development and that of its employees, for which it must encourage collaboration and teamwork, providing opportunities for participation, motivation, and training that contribute to achieving a greater product quality and a better organization.