Scotchcast coating

recubrimientos 3M Scotchcast

Scotchcast ™ coating

Scotchcast™ 3M Electrical Resin is a widely used and well-known product, a general-purpose, fast curing epoxy resin, engineered to provide a continuous dielectric coating that is moisture resistant and chemical resistant for a wide variety of substrates. The Scotchcast™ coating is a powder resin used to coat flat surfaces, corners and complicated geometries, applicable with electrostatic spraying, fluid bed immersion and venturi spraying.

The components that are coated with Scotchcast™ are:

  • Stators
  • Distribution bars
  • Electrical components

UL certified, EIS approved and RoHS 2011/65 / EU compliant.

Properties of Scotchcast™ coating

This general-purpose epoxy-based powder resin has a very low viscosity property, which facilitates infusion on any surface. The resin melts when heated, flows in a controlled manner and then cures, adhering to the surface as a uniform coating.

The main properties of Scotchcast™ products are:

  • Fast curing
  • Low gelation point due to low viscosity
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • Excellent resistance to thermal shock, resists temperatures of 180ºC
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Excellent resistance to heat, chemistry and humidity
  • Good cut resistance
  • Excellent flow

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