Thermoforming for the packaging sector

Thermosealing and thermoforming plates are usually made up of aluminum and are used to shape or seal films from a wide range of plastics or similar material. Such parts, which are sometimes designed in difficult geometrical shapes, belong to machines far complex requiring several maintenance and cleaning tasks. If applying the most adequate Teflon paint to those parts, COATRESA helps minimizing and even eliminating those tasks, as well as rejects caused by machine malfunction or residues.

The advantage of Teflon-coating thermosealing plates, welding lips, and blades, when used exhaustively, is that this coating can be regenerated when performance decreases, leaving them with the same nonstick properties as it were almost new.

Thermoforming, teflon coated mould
Thermoforming, non-stick mould
heat seal
heat seal