sandblasting machine

Sandblasting machine for Coatresa’s upcoming HQ

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As construction works advance, we can catch a glimpse of the premises COATRESA Grup purchased to create the new Head Quarters. The last novelty has been the setting-up of an automated sandblasting machine of high production capacity. As experts in the application of antiadherent coatings, we know the value of a good surface preparation and […]

showroom in Retansa

Showroom in Retansa

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As a sample of the projects RETANSA COAT can handle, their Production Team has been putting together throughout the last few years a token of their most representative work. As expert applicators of PTFE based coatings, they own a great showroom in Retansa of coated pieces sorted by sector. At RETANSA COAT’s Showroom we can […]

recuperación de overspray

OverSpray recovery

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At COATRESA Grup we work under continual improvement criteria, so we happily strive to stay up to date. We do it with the possibilities that technical evolution provides us, like the powder or overspray recovery we are announcing today. Many of the technical antiadherent and anti-corrosive coatings we work with will have a version in […]

pintura para piezas de automoción

New premises for automotive pieces in Retansa

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Retansa premiers the new coating section for automotive pieces After several months of hard work and lots of excitement, we finalised the construction hand on hand with our customer, of a layout specifically conceived for their project. By the end of 2019 RETANSA COAT premiered the automated positive pressure coating area for automotive pieces, and […]

agitador para laboratorio I+D en Coatresa

Acquisition of new mixer for R&D laboratory

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The acquisition of a new agitator reflects COATRESA’s strong investment in lab equipment, so we can offer better technical customer service thanks to a higher professionalism of our R&D Department. Thanks to this Ystral multifunctional equipment, we aim to enhance mixing processes for problematic products such as resins and high viscosity fluids, among others, before […]

New robotization of Teflon® coating lines

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Coatresa has been always committed to an important R&D investment in order to provide our customers with new solutions. According to this philosophy, an ambitious project has been launched in Coatresa for automating our coating lines. Across the country we have five facilities to offer our services more efficiently. In all of them we are […]

Overhead travelling crane for big pieces

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In view of the increasing demand of coating pieces of big dimensions, COATRESA, faithful to its philosophy of rendering the best service to its clients, has decided to acquire an overhead travelling crane for its main premises to meet this need. Therefore, COATRESA can handle pieces of up to 5 tonnes in an easier way, […]

New installations for Teflon coatings

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COATRESA Coatings extends its installations of teflon coatings located at Barberà del Vallès. The investment amounts to 2 million euros and has been executed in two phases: first stage of 1.2 million euros during years 2009-2010 and second stage of 800,000 euros executed during years 2010-2011. These investments have made it possible to enhance the […]