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New tracking system for trays and pans

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New tracking system for trays and pans Thanks to a great cooperation with our customers, COATRESA has considered all the productive needs on every project where we applied our PTFE based technical anti-adherent coatings. During the last few years we have been putting our efforts toward innovating with an easily detectable technology in order to […]

recubrimientos para panificación

COATRESA innovates with new coating for bakery

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We are working on the presentation of a new revolutionary product as a high quality non-stick coating system for industrial bakery. With this new coating, we will extend useful life of bakeware, which is essential for productivity in any bakery. This coating Will deliver a better resistance to permeation of certain bread ingredients and performance […]

Diamond Sparkle Colors by Whitford

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Whitford adds four new colours to its QuanTanium® nonstick coating range called “Diamond Sparkle”. Coatresa, a nonstick coating specialist, is Whitford’s “Quality Approved Coater” for Spain. This new range presents bright colours resulting from a unique formula which is made up of highly reflective and mirrored ingredients allowing a lively appearance to cookware at the […]