Teflon on pans

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Since we started using and commercializing PTFE, initially under the trademark of Teflon® and now under plenty of different variables from various brands, we achieved an improvement in the production and performance of the industrial production of food. From bread pans, to confectionery pans, keeping also in mind all domestic oven pans, the Teflon on […]


Teflon application

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Before applying teflon over a surface we must perform a proper surface preparation. Once the substrate has been prepared, a coating can be applied and let to polymerize at the right temperature. The process shall vary depending on the needs and characteristics of each type of teflon, anyhow, the coater shall apply one or more […]

Applying teflón

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Teflon (PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene) is a type of antiadherent technical coating with anti-corrosive properties that provides certain properties when applied over a surface, and it can help improve the performance and durability of the piece. It can be found in different formats for an optimal application depending on the morphology and requirements of the piece, […]


Antiadherent teflon

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Polytetrafluoroethylene is a polymer with antiadherent, hydrophobic and oleophobic properties, that can provide also protection against corrosion. Antiadherent teflon is very useful within the food industry, for both domestic and professional markets. We can find all kind of pieces treated with an antiadherent teflon coat, or even adhesive teflon fabric (TVT). For oven trays or […]


Cleaning bread pans

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In a hectic society like ours, the less time we spend cleaning, the more time we spend producing. Applying self-cleaning antiadherent coatings on bread pans, we can help the cleaning process become a fast or even non-existing activity. With the help of the right antiadherent treatment, we can make cleaning bread pans an anecdote instead […]


Bread pans maintenance

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During the use and manipulation of bread pans, they can wear off and get deformed, becoming difficult to work with or even not useful anymore, having to be replaced by new ones. COATRESA Grup manufactures, coats and refurbishes bread pans and tins, providing antiadherent and anticorrosive solutions. The maintenance of those pans requires reconditioning of […]


Treatment with teflon

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In order to achieve antiadherent properties, we can apply a teflon treatment that can be found in several different formats according to every need. An experimented coater will choose the most suitable treatment that will be applied on a properly prepared surface. Thanks to the knowledge and right tools, the application will be performed correctly […]


Teflon properties

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Teflon is a type of PTFE, a technical hydrophobic and oleophobic coating initially engineered to provide antiadherence to molds producing rubber and plastic elements that are usually very adherent, as well as for food prep surfaces, specially bread making. Thanks to the scientific research, PTFE has evolved providing new solutions and applications for the industry. […]


Antiadherent coating

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Surface treatment for pieces requiring certain properties to improve a productive process of an adherent nature. In order to avoid agglutination of a sticky element to its substrate, we can use different types of demolding agents, being the most efficient and long lasting, a teflon-like coating. Alternatively, we can also use silicone Coatings as they […]


Teflon utility

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Teflon® is a registered trademark of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a very versatile polymer applied on surfaces that might require antiadherence, protection against corrosion or dry lubrication even. Within the food industry, teflon is very useful for coating trays and pans for bread and bakery production, having a way to work without the need of a demoulding […]