Sealing jaw

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In the world of packaging, a sealing jaw is a very useful and versatile element for the packaging and sealing of all types of plastics. In COATRESA Group, we can apply a non-stick coating whether the piece is new or used and for that reason, it requires a repair and recoating. If you want to […]


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Amongst all the coatings we find at COATERSA Grup, we can encounter all sorts of metallization coatings, a great solution in order to provide hardness and improve the quality of otherwise simple metals. The most common metallization coating we find is the thermal projection at high speed of with thread of metals and alloys, also […]


Demoulding silicone for baking

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Silicone is a flexible polymer, very antiadherent that provides the best properties at low temperatures or up to 240°C. In the bread making process, we very rarely will go over 200°C, hence the demolding silicone for baking is a key element within the industry in order to avoid the use of other demolding agents. As […]


Repairing teflon

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Teflon is a technical non-stick coating with various options and applications we can find for instance within the food industry for bread pans and molds, in rollers for textile, industrial hoppers and mixers, or automotive molds. The continuous usage of those pieces can cause the technical coating to wear off, so with the aid of […]

Functions of teflon

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The most famous technical coating in the market has been commercialized under the trademark Teflon®. The functions of Teflon make of it an ally to achieve multiple solutions for the industry. Its main function is to lower the coefficient of friction, providing great antiadherence on the surfaces we apply it. Thanks to the FDA versions […]


Antiadherent silicone

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The application of silicone on pieces within the food industry or other industrial sectors is a very common operation when working under high temperatures in the need of antiadherence. We find antiadherent silicone in bread pans, rollers for label production and other stationery production elements. Its thickness may vary depending on the needs and application […]


Characteristics of teflon

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The teflon we use as a technical coating is an inert polymer with a composition (PTFE) that provides great protection against corrosion as well as the best non-stick properties known to date. Thanks to its impermeability we can achieve the abovementioned properties, but it has also antifriction properties and great flexibility, granting the application over […]


Teflon for bakers

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Industrialization within the world of bead making has brought great changes and evolution along the years. However, the design and function of the pans and tins for bread production has nor suffered significant changes at all, but plenty of improvements. Teflon for bread making has been one of the main changes for better baking, healthier […]


Teflon on pans

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Since we started using and commercializing PTFE, initially under the trademark of Teflon® and now under plenty of different variables from various brands, we achieved an improvement in the production and performance of the industrial production of food. From bread pans, to confectionery pans, keeping also in mind all domestic oven pans, the Teflon on […]


Teflon application

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Before applying teflon over a surface we must perform a proper surface preparation. Once the substrate has been prepared, a coating can be applied and let to polymerize at the right temperature. The process shall vary depending on the needs and characteristics of each type of teflon, anyhow, the coater shall apply one or more […]