Pintura de teflón para válvulas

Teflon paint

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Teflon paint contains polytetrafluoroethylene components that should be applied at high temperature to get an optimum synthesis and surface treatment. The result is a high performing non-stick coating with resistance to extreme temperatures.



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Hydrophobia : property for which a substance repels water and prevents it from mixing with oil. Teflon coatings applied on pots and pans repel water. Oil use is scarcely necessary during cooking. This helps following a fat-free diet.

Three layered coating

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Nonstick coating made up of 3 layers: a primer reinforced with ceramic (or other material) fillers, an intermediate layer providing colour and cohesion between the first and the third layer, and a top layer with an excellent nonstick feature.


Tefloned surface

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Tefloned surface: outside layer of cookware or trays for ovens or freezers requiring being Teflon-coated. Polytetrafluoroethylene or Teflon is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and its non-stick properties allow a minimal use of greasing agents. A Teflon surface is also very easy to clean.

Spark test

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Test to detect discontinuities and pinholes on coatings. This test uses high voltage direct current between the metallic coated piece and a probe. When the coating presents a discontinuity or a pore, it usually produces a small spark. For further information see ASTM D-5162, DIN 55670, UNE EN ISO 29601


Polyamide 11

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Material used for coating metallic parts by means of a rilsanization procedure. It has a low density, it is chemically resistant to fuel, oil, gas, water, solvents and industrial liquids, it has a low permeability level and it has a good mechanical resistance. Rilsan® is Polyamide 11 trademark and it can be found in the […]


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ETFE is a highly durable clear thermoplastic polymer with chemical and mechanical resistance. It shows stability to temperature changes, and is combustible but not flammable. It is also highly resistant to ultraviolet rays, making it a reliable alternative to the glass used in buildings. This type of polymer is 100 times lighter than glass, allows […]