Sealing jaw

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In the world of packaging, a sealing jaw is a very useful and versatile element for the packaging and sealing of all types of plastics. In COATRESA Group, we can apply a non-stick coating whether the piece is new or used and for that reason, it requires a repair and recoating. If you want to […]


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Amongst all the coatings we find at COATERSA Grup, we can encounter all sorts of metallization coatings, a great solution in order to provide hardness and improve the quality of otherwise simple metals. The most common metallization coating we find is the thermal projection at high speed of with thread of metals and alloys, also […]


Demoulding silicone for bakery

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In the baking industry, silicone is used as a demoulding agent for bakery products. This is because it is a flexible, highly non-sticky polymer that provides the best properties at low temperatures, as well as at peaks of 240°C. In the industrial baking process, the temperature does not usually exceed 200°C. This is why silicone […]


Repairing teflon

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Teflon is a technical non-stick coating with various applications and uses. These range from use for moulds and trays in the baking industry to industrial or automotive applications. Its continued use in the industrial sector can lead to wear and tear of the technical coating. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of a qualified coater […]

Functions of teflon

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The best known technical coating on the market has been marketed under the registered trademark Teflon®. Properties of Teflon® make it an ally in achieving multiple solutions in the industry. The main function and reason why Teflon® was born is to reduce the friction coefficient, providing anti adherence to the substrate to which it is […]


Antiadherent silicone

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The application of silicone on parts is a very common operation when working in hot environments and with a need for antiadherence. Moreover, this application can be both in the food sector and in other industrial sectors. We find non-stick silicone in baking trays, rollers for the production of labels or other stationery. Finally, its […]


Characteristics of teflon

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Teflon used as a technical coating is an inert polymer which, due to its composition (PTFE), offers great protection against corrosion. It also has the best non-stick properties known to date. This is due to its impermeability, which is why the above-mentioned properties are achieved. Other characteristics of Teflon are anti-friction and flexibility, which help […]


Teflon in bakery

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Industrialisation in the world of baking has brought many changes with constant evolution over time. However, the design and operation of moulds and trays for baking has not required major changes, but rather contributions for improvement. Teflon is one of the changes in baking that are vital for better baking. This is because it becomes […]


Teflon on pans

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Since PTFE has been used and marketed, improvements have been made in performance and production of trays for industrial food production. From bread baking trays, to baking trays, taking into account also household baking trays. The non-stick Teflon coating on trays is an indispensable tool for good production without the use of release agents. In […]


Teflon application

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Before applying teflon over a surface we must perform a proper surface preparation. Once the substrate has been prepared, a coating can be applied and let to polymerize at the right temperature. The process shall vary depending on the needs and characteristics of each type of teflon, anyhow, the coater shall apply one or more […]