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In Coatresa, we’re experts in applying technical non-stick and anticorrosive coatings for the food industry, as well as the automation, pharma, and oil & gas ones (among others). Through the correct application of each coating, we are able to expand the life of the industrial parts we work with. At the same time, the industrial […]

Hamburger bun pans

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At coatresa,sl we offer the service of manufacturing and Teflon coating of molds for hamburger buns. Coatresa has a wide variety of mold shapes and sizes, being able to adapt the designs to the needs of industrial bakery customers. Hamburger bun molds are built by the sheet metal drawing method. The most common material for […]

Teflon coating of blades

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At Atresa, sl we are specialized in Teflon-coated blades for heat sealing and cutting containers and packaging. We carry out the teflon coating of linear blades and circular blades. We have several qualities of green teflon coating, black teflon coating or metallic gray teflon coating. Atresa is a Teflon coating company for third parties that […]

Testrong® Terracota

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The Testrong® 225 Terracotta multilayer system has been designed specifically for industrial bakeries that need a fluorinated coating with high performance anti-adherence. Coatresa Group presents the Testrong® 225 Terracotta for hamburger and hot dog trays and especially for milk bread. Testrong® 225 Terracotta, due to its configuration, has anticorrosive properties and good thermal conductivity. Testrong® […]

Testrong® ROC

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Testrong® ROC is an exclusive coating, developed by Coatresa,sl. Testrong® ROC is a multilayer based on fluorinated polymers that generates a waterproof film. Due to its chemical uniqueness, it offers excellent non-stick properties as well as excellent resistance to a large number of chemical agents. Testrong® ROC coatings were specifically designed to: Industrial bakery sector, […]

testrong pyros

Testrong® Pyros

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The Testrong® Pyros coating is exclusive to Coatresa Group. Testrong® Pyros is a multilayer system based on fluorinated polymers that generates a film with low porosity. Due to its unique chemical nature, it provides us with excellent anti-adherence, thermal resistance and corrosion resistance properties, specific for the industrial baking sector. NON-STICK PROPERTIES: The low surface […]


PTFE Paint

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One of the go-to coatings when in need of anti-adherence for industrial parts is the PTFE paint. Also known as Teflon, PTFE paint provides an extra help on those production processes that require a high performance, allowing for easier demolding and optimizing the durability of those parts. PTFE Paintings not only help with their non-stick […]

Teflonado de tornillos

Teflon coated screws

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The ever-increasing demand of teflon coated bolts, washers, nuts, and all sorts of screws helps enhancing the endurance of their life on projects from all type of industrial sectors. Teflon coated screws protect the metal from corrosion thanks to a layer of only a few microns, and a right choice of technical coating will improve […]



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Molds, plates, lips or blades can be used for thermoforming all sorts of plastic and paper materials in order to build or seal a bag, container or any desired element. This is a process that when in contact with plastic at a certain temperature, requires the assistance of a technical coating solution that will ensure […]

Teflonado rodillos

Teflon coating rollers

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When certain adherent materials pass through rollers, they can become a problem when sticking to the roller and even leaving some debris and sticky residues on the roller, forcing to stop for maintenance and lowering the production capacity. Regardless the type of roller or calender, a technical coating can help improve the performance and life […]