Scotchkote coating

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Scotchkote ™ coating

The Scotchkote™ coating offers a complete range of epoxy-based coatings specially formulated for the corrosion protection of metals exposed to aggressive environments such as salt water, wastewater, petrochemicals, solvents and corrosive gases.

3M's product Scotchkote™ is a thermosetting epoxy paint, adhered by fusion by applying heat to the part to be coated. Several of these coatings also provide improved properties for operation at high temperatures, protection against mechanical damage, compression, abrasion wear and cavitation resistance.

Properties of Scotchkote™ Coating

Scotchkote™ is engineered to coat the inside of pipes and valves, providing great resistance to abrasion. Its main properties are:

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Protects over a wide temperature range
  • Resistant to cracking during pipe coupler installation
  • Resists cathodic detachment
  • Resists soil pressure and fill compaction
  • Long-term storage in most weather conditions
  • High sticking and tenacity
  • Stability during storage
  • Lightweight for lower shipping costs
  • Particularly suitable for electrostatic application, air spraying
  • Compatible with most phenolic primers
  • The long gel time allows the application without decantations, subsidence, laminations or over-thicknesses
  • It can be machined, rectified or trimmed to meet different tolerance requirements
  • Allows easy inspection of coated items

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