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Whitford is a global company of British origin, founded in 1969 by two classmates who decided to enlist the help of a third classmate to start what would be one of the leading coating manufacturers worldwide.

Whitford’s first product was also created in 1969 and is still considered the best-known technical polymer coating: Xylan®, with a very wide product range.

Whitford products

Whitford is currently the manufacturer of the largest and most extensive range of fluoropolymer coatings and has over 40 global brands registered in more than forty countries. Apart from Xylan®, Whitford has many other coating ranges, each one with its own applications and characteristics:

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Xylac® is a silicone polyester decorative coating for outdoor use that is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. It is ideal for kitchenware and for the exterior of bakery and cake tins.

Xylar® is Whitford’s inorganic materials range, suitable for temperatures up to 650°C. It is normally used in aircraft motors or exhaust systems subjected to very harsh conditions.

Excalibur® is the hardest and most durable non-stick coating in the market as it is reinforced on the exterior with a stainless steel alloy. Above all, it is used in gourmet kitchenware in all parts of the world.

Quantanium® is a multilayer, internally-reinforced, water-based system. The coating contains a unique combination of titanium particles that makes it extremely resistant. It has excellent resistance to scratching and adheres to both treated and non-treated surfaces. The Quantanium® spray version is a trilayer PTFE-free system.

Quantum®2 is a range of multilayer fluoropolymer finishes internally reinforced with diverse ceramic materials. The Quantum®2 range includes a version for kitchenware and industrial bakery tins.

Ultralon® was purchased from ICI Americas in 1990 and is normally sold to the end user. These products constitute a complement to most of the Xylan® fluoropolymer coatings.

Dykor® is the brand name used by Whitford for its range of fluoropolymer solutions and dispersions that include various powder coatings. This range of corrosion-proof coatings offers excellent properties in highly corrosive environments.

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