European’s call for PFAS-free antiadherent coatings

Fluorinated coatings are an unparalleled release solution for all sorts of production techniques. This is a fact.

Also, a fact is that the latest European Commission concerns regarding the use of PFAS products brought into discussion the need to find biodegradable solutions for the European territory, and those can be found within the multiple alternatives we have available in the technical coatings application industry.

The multiple range of non-stick solutions

Although Teflon® has been around for over 80 years, PTFE, as well as other coating solutions containing fluor in their chemical composition (FEP, PFA, ETCFE, ETFE, etc) is not the only non-stick solution when it comes to release technical coatings for the industrial production.

Always up to date with the market’s requirements, Coatresa Group has various PFAS-free antiadherent coatings to offer our customers in need to exclude fluorinated contents from their tools and parts for production.

TESTRONG® COATINGS: Bakeware coatings

Our Testrong® Coatings are a result of our continuous investment in R&D. At Coatresa we have engineered a set of high-quality non-stick coatings based on the needs of each baking product.

Among all their benefits, we highlight the following:

  • Extraordinary performance leading to an improved productivity.
  • Cost savings by elimination of oils and release agents.
  • Improved quality and appearance of the end-product.

Our solutions include fluorinated and PFAS-free antiadherent coatings, all of them food contact approved, meeting both national and international standards.

Thus, we can solidly say that fluorinated coatings are still available and safe to use. Those keep on providing an excellent solution for many non-stick production requirements, so should your requests demand a PFAS-free non-stick solution, Coatresa Group has all the range of alternatives to improve the performance of your production site.


European's call for PFAS-free antiadherent coatings
European's call for PFAS-free antiadherent coatings