New premises for automotive pieces in Retansa

pintura para piezas de automoción

Retansa premiers the new coating section for automotive pieces

After several months of hard work and lots of excitement, we finalised the construction hand on hand with our customer, of a layout specifically conceived for their project. By the end of 2019 RETANSA COAT premiered the automated positive pressure coating area for automotive pieces, and this is about to become at least a 4-year project.

Expert technical coaters for automotive

RETANSA COAT is a division of COATRESA Grup on the Basque Country with great experience in application of technical antiadherent and anticorrosive coatings. Their area of expertise is the industrial market, but automotive is not their only forte, they are also expert coaters for aerospace and application of technical high-performance coatings.
Thanks to their great knowledge and attention to detail, they have become the ideal partner for this project, that will surely be of great satisfaction for the end users of the product.

pintado de piezas de automoción en el País Vasco