Annual meeting ASEMAC Bakery and Pastry Association

ASEMAC is made up of nearly 80% of the companies in the sector and it accounts for about 90% of total sales of parbaking sector. ASEMAC members directly employ about 5,000 people, becoming a very important group within the food sector.

This sector, which is pretty new, shows a continuous growth. According to ASEMAC data from 1993-2011, this sector has grown over 400%. In terms of production in 2012, members have reached the figure of 783,819 tones: 1.75% over 2011. In terms of turnover, figures reached 1,038,458 million Euros: 0.70% more than the previous year.

Nowadays, products elaborated by ASEMAC members represent a value around 40.8% of total bakery products and 40% of pastry and confectionery goods which are consumed in Spain.

In Coatresa we have always worked with bakery and confectionery industries. After a wide experience in this sector and a close relationship with product manufacturers, we can provide bakery industry with our Testrong® systems: specific technical coatings which meet the sector’s needs. In addition to the Testrong® range of coatings, Coatresa offers a comprehensive service for moulds and trays, including, among other things, advice on finding the best manufacturing solution and a complete refurbishment and maintenance service.

Testrong® systems are the latest generation of nonstick coatings, which are the result of constant search for new products and solutions. Our aim is to offer and provide higher quality and performance coatings to bakery industry reducing their costs thanks to its extended durability.