New range of colors for nonstick coatings

At Coatresa we have over 30 years experience in the application of coatings for different industries. We work hard to adapt to our customer’s needs and offer new solutions to the market. As a result of this effort and with the objective to differentiate from the rest, especially in cookware, we apply nonstick coatings in different colors.

A few months ago Whitford launched a new line of colors for their coatings QuanTanium and Eterna based on natural colors and Pantone. Quantium color coatings have the same non-stick properties as the original one: they are suitable for dishwasher use, have a high gloss finish and are resistant to damaging effects of poultry fat and high sugar content foods. Eterna color coatings offer the same properties and glossy finish than the original ones.

Whitford is the world's largest manufacturer of fluoropolymer-based coatings. COATRESA is "Quality Approved Coater" (QAC) for Whitford products for Spain. Their products stand out because of their dry lubrication as well as for their variety in centrifuge application.