CDTI – Development of new coatings free of fluorinated compounds

Since its foundation in 1983, Coatresa Group has been serving the industrial baking industry with the best tins, trays, and non-stick coatings. Through our in-house R+D department, we evolve and develop new non-stick products. To anticipate possible future restrictions, in Coatresa we are working with alternative products free of PFAS and PFOA with the support of CDTI.

This project's main objective is to develop a new coating that is free of fluorinated compounds (PFAS) for metallic substrates. This unique coating will technically achieve the same non-stick properties as current coatings (based on fluorinated products), being this a sustainable alternative to contribute to environmental protection.

Another objective of this project is to develop a technology that allows the use of this new coating in the baking sector. For this reason, it will have to present high non-stick properties as well as great durability and high thermal performance.

Start date: 16/07/2021

End date: 15/04/2023

CDTI - Desarrollo de nuevos recubrimientos libres de compuestos fluorados