Coatings for food

Coatings for food

Coating in the Food Industry

In the food sector, technical coatings play a fundamental role, providing multiple benefits both in the production process and in the final finish of the products. One of the main benefits is the prevention of sticking.


Testrong Coatings

COATRESA has always been committed to a constant investment in R+D. From this investment was born Testrong®, a system developed in our R&D Department after 35 years of experience in non-stick coatings for the bakery industry. Testrong® systems offer a range of state-of-the-art non-stick coatings, created by combining and applying the best products on the market, based on fluoropolymers (PTFE, PFA, MFA, FEP, etc.) and silicones, are designed to meet the specific needs of manufacturers in the bakery industry, providing a high quality and high performance coating.

Our wide range of Testrong® coatings eliminates the use of oils and release agents in production lines, offering multiple benefits for bread and bakery manufacturers:

Cost Savings

  • Elimination of oils and release agents.
  • Reduced cleaning and maintenance costs in the factory.

Performance Improvement

  • Optimal product release.
  • Reduction of waste.
  • Improved productivity and product quality.

Higher Quality of the Final Product

  • Longer shelf life of the bread at the point of sale.
  • Better product appearance, with a smooth and regular crust without incrustations.
  • Uniformity and consistency of the final product.
  • Does not affect the taste of the final product.


Specific Applications of Testrong®

  • Sliced Bread: We adapt the Testrong® coating to the specific characteristics of each type of sliced bread (white, whole grain, with seeds, crustless, etc.).
  • Savory Pastries: We offer non-stick coatings for various pastry products, such as hamburger buns, hot dog buns, with seeds, and special flavors.
  • Frozen Bread: Our coatings withstand high temperatures and sudden cold-heat changes in the production of baguettes and other pre-frozen and frozen products.
  • Toasted Bread: Requires coatings resistant to high temperatures and abrasion. We select the appropriate Testrong® coating based on the product characteristics.
  • Pastries: Products like croissants, milk bread, pain au chocolat, and cinnamon rolls require high-performance coatings due to their high sugar content.
  • Pastry Cakes: Liquid pastry doughs, such as sponge cake, pandoro, muffins, and soaked cakes, need special coatings. We offer various types of coatings based on their characteristics.


Coatings for food processing machinery

COATRESA understands that the food industry requires minimizing downtime to optimize the production process. It is essential that no food residues accumulate during the process, avoiding weighing and filling errors. Therefore, our machinery must be highly non-stick, allowing the correct sliding of food.

Benefits of Coatings for Food Machinery

  • Reduction of cycle time
  • Elimination of product waste due to adhesion
  • Optimization of transport and dosing of raw materials
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Homogenization of the finished product quality
  • Increased lifespan of components subjected to corrosion



Coatresa has over 35 years of experience in applying coatings for industrial baking and bakery. We introduced Teflon into the food sector in Spain in the 1980s. Our R&D Department studies, analyzes, and advises on the best coatings for your products, optimizing their productivity.

If you want to benefit from our wide range of specific non-stick coatings for baking, Testrong®, and ensure the success of your products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Coatings for food
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Coatings for food