Tray coating

tray coating

In Coatresa we are specialists in molds and tray coating with non-stick properties of the hand of different brands such as Teflon®.

This coating is an indispensable tool in different industries; from the food industry to the pharmaceutical, automotive and chemical industries, this type of coating is used to improve the performance and durability of products.


Our range of non-stick tray coating:


At COATRESA Group we have a wide variety of options in terms of Teflon coatings. This allows us to adapt each coating to the specific needs of each production sector.

In this sense, Coatresa is an expert in the application of coatings in the food sector. Our coatings comply with FDA standards, guaranteeing an improvement in the efficiency and quality of the final products. Our experience in the application of Teflon in the coating of baking trays allows us to offer solutions that optimize production processes. From baking trays for bread baking to baking trays for pastry and household use.

Thus, Teflon non-stick coating of trays not only simplifies the cleaning process, but also eliminates the need for release agents. This optimizes resources and improves production efficiency.


At COATRESA Group, we are committed to offering customized solutions that optimize the production and maintenance of your equipment. Our expert advice ensures that each customer receives the best anti-adherent treatment for their specific needs, contributing to an overall improvement in production efficiency and quality.

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