3D printing of protective goggles for protection against the Coronavirus

impresión 3D de máscaras para combatir el coronavirus

The COVID-19 disease, also named Coronavirus, first discovered in Xina last December 2019, has spread rapidly globally before having the time to find a cure, treatment or vaccine. That made this highly transmittable disease a very worrying issue that has created a great alarm worldwide.

Protection as a solution

The only action we can currently count on is our own protection. We need to reduce as much as possible all human contact, and one way to achieve social distancing is by wearing protective gear that will help stopping the SARS-CoV-2 virus from spreading through small humid particles in the air or through direct contact.

Printing 3D goggles

In order to help with this initiative, COATRESA Group is cooperating with our Government by manufacturing protective goggles for all healthcare personnel with the 3D printer we have at our premises.

Who would have thought that a 3D printing machine we bought 2 years ago, intended to make prototypes for breadmaking molds and tins, would help us all fight a virus?

Stay safe and stay home.
The Coatresa team.

máscaras de protección para el COVID-19