Loaf bread tins


Loaf bread tins are specific for the production of sandwich bread due to their morphology. This type of product requires a mould generally made of metal treated with a technical non-stick coating. In this way, the use of oils and release agents is avoided. The industrial manufacture of this bread has varied relatively little throughout history. Even so, the small details in the design of the fillings (moulds with grooves, corrugated moulds, moulds with lids, thickness of the bread mould, etc.) and the process (baking time according to the type of mould, design of the bread production line, etc.) have been fundamental in optimising production and facilitating the release of the loaves once baked.
COATRESA Group has been a pioneer in this evolution, offering a unique design with our patented mould. In addition, we also apply personalized non-stick coatings adapted in each case for each particular client.