Expansion of PTFE coatings

Chemist Roy Plunkett accidentally discovered PTFE in 1983, while trying to create a new chlorofluorocarbon based refrigerant. Plunkett worked as a chemist in Dupont Company and this new material was named Teflon®.

This new PTFE material (polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE) from Dupont changed the way many products were manufactured. This new material was found to be chemically inert and almost impermeable to most chemicals and heat. Therefore, one of its main application turned out to be as a non-stick coating for frying pans and bakeware.

PTFE-coated frying pans (many of them are still DuPont’s Teflon branded) have excellent nonstick properties allowing them to be used without adding oil or fat and preventing food from sticking to the their surface. In addition, PTFE-coated frying pans are usually easy to clean. PTFE is resistant to corrosion and chemicals, as well as caustic or acidic cleaning agents.

PTFE marking and labeling cannot be associated with a brand in particular and coaters are the ones to license their use on certain parts or products of the 'end user', not on semi-finished raw materials.

Licensed Industrial Applicator for Dupont

COATRESA is a "Licensed Industrial Applicator" (LIA) for DuPont in Spain. In particular, Coatresa works with Dupont Teflon® coatings, among other brands. Teflon® coatings are remarkable as for their highly non-stick property and because of their excellent corrosion resistance properties.