New robotization of Teflon® coating lines

Coatresa has been always committed to an important R&D investment in order to provide our customers with new solutions. According to this philosophy, an ambitious project has been launched in Coatresa for automating our coating lines.

Across the country we have five facilities to offer our services more efficiently. In all of them we are continuously investing in automation to provide the same quality in all our processes regardless of the origin plant of the coated product.

Industrial coatings are materials deposited on the surface of an object, usually referred to as substrate. Coatings are made to improve some property or attribute of substrate surface, such as adhesion, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and scratch resistance among many others.

Automating these processes allows obtaining higher quality standards and increasing production capacity.
At present we are leaders in technical coatings in Spain and we have high recognition in the European market. We believe in sustained innovation and in new solutions to the market as the driving force for our future.