Functions of teflon

The best known technical coating on the market has been marketed under the registered trademark Teflon®. Properties of Teflon® make it an ally in achieving multiple solutions in the industry. The main function and reason why Teflon® was born is to reduce the friction coefficient, providing anti adherence to the substrate to which it is applied. Thanks to the versions suitable for the food market, it is applied in elements for the industrial manufacture of food. This includes parts such as hoppers and moulds for baking or heat-sealing plates. Another major function of Teflon is its ability to protect against corrosion. For this reason it has been widely applied in the automotive sector. In this sector we also apply a version of Teflon with MoS2 additive to provide a dry lubrication treatment.
At Coatresa we are experts in the functions of Teflon and we will advise you depending on the requirements of your project and company.

Teflon Compressor Screw