Repairing teflon


Teflon is a technical non-stick coating with various applications and uses. These range from use for moulds and trays in the baking industry to industrial or automotive applications. Its continued use in the industrial sector can lead to wear and tear of the technical coating. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of a qualified coater it can be re-coated, leaving the part renewed and ready to go back into production. Teflon repair will require a surface preparation to remove all the existing coating layer, a new coating process, and temperature polymerisation. Once this process has been carried out, we can use the renovated part again with all the guarantees and confidence.
In COATRESA Group we have years of experience in this type of coatings. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will offer you the best solution for your company in terms of Teflon repairs.

Sealing mold